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Wall Gallery Art

Hand Painted Silk

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Silk Scarf 'Snow Leopard'

Hand painted silk 'Snow Leopard'
A work of ART combined with
the Luxurious Elegance of SILK

Silk Scarves

Silk ArtWear

Home Fashions~
Textures in hand painted silk ~ custom hues  
16 x16  $125 ea. ~ [4] $450 set

Fine Art~

  Water Color & Ink wash  'Repose' 
Woman at Rest  
18 x 24  $695

Shabby Silk ~
Hand painted and woven silk pillow

                   18 x 18  $595

Wall Art ~                                         Silk sculpture on hand painted silk background

Hand painted silk, constructed sculpture ~ silk wrapped canvas
 15 x 30  $1295

ll rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. A registered trademark of
Diana Levi-Mathis.


'Tied Up'  Hand painted silk wall display 

20 x 21   $495

 Woven  'Shabby Silk'  Scarves

 6 x 60  hand painted silk~ $425

Shabby Silk woven scarf